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What is it?

Modation is an extension for Google's Chrome web browser that extends community functionality for Soundation, an online collaborative music studio. When you receive a feed notification alerting you of a new message, group invitation, follower, or anything else, a desktop notification appears, allowing you to instantly take action.

Why do I need it?

The Soundation Community is a tremendous feature, and one of the best parts of the site. One thing it lacks is a truly practical notifications system. The site will display a summary of new messages, follows, invitations, and memberships, but these are visible only within the site. Modation delivers these notifications to you immediately, adding an accessible, seemless experience without sacrificing usability.

Modation also improves the Soundation website itself by offering user tagging, group list filtering, a more accessible comments box on tracks and groups, and other Community improvements. Each of these mods can be toggled on or off via the options page, accessible from the popup window on the toolbar icon. This popup also shows some quick actions for showing or clearing all current notifications, and the icon itself will show the number of unread notifications.

What about privacy?

In no way does Modation track, store, record, upload, or save any personally identifiable information about your use. The only tracking that may occur would be performed by Google itself, and is detailed in their privacy policy. I want to respect the privacy of all users, so the usage of this extension is anonymous and will stay that way.

I'm requesting a feature, enhancement, bugfix, etc.

Add an issue with your request details. I will do my best to respond to each issue in a timely fashion.

But I can do it myself!

Awesome! Submit a pull request, and if it works I'll merge it. Thanks for helping out!

What about xyz?

If anything is unclear, or you have a question not addressed here, please contact me.

Release History

All stable and beta releases are available on GitHub.